Having problems with your safe?

From combination changes to safe openings, you can always depend on the qualified locksmith at Golden Lock and Key, LLC to help you.

Keep your valuables, important documents, and anything else you want to protect safe and sound with our mobile services. We come direct to you to provide honest and high quality service that you won’t find anywhere else.


We will take care of all your safe needs: 

safe Repair

Golden Lock and Key Locksmith

  • Combination changes for both digital keypad and manual dial
  • Key pad installation
  • Lock replacement or upgrade
    • Replace malfunctioning locks-digital keypad and
      manual dial
    • Upgrade from manual dial to digital keypad
  • Open locked safes when existing combination is not known*
  • Open locked safes when existing combination is known but malfunctioning*
  • Safe repair and service*
  • Safe bolt downs



NOTE: Prices vary depending on service provided; please call for your free estimate.

* Diagnosing situations and costs involved with your safe can be challenging over the phone. For your convenience, we provide free onsite diagnosis and cost estimates.

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